Services Overview

The communications value chain is becoming increasingly more complex. New smart devices, ubiquitous internet access, and the emergence of new network-centric business models require extreme technical and physical compatibility within and between entities including service providers, device manufacturers, resellers, and end user customers. This value chain must be continuous and seamless to the customer across all touch points.

Genesis-ATC provides a unique blend of services to alleviate the complexity of the communications value chain for our customers. Ranging from collaborative planning and distribution of new materials to the installation, configuration, test & turn-up of equipment, to the decommissioning of older or defective equipment and then diligently testing, refurbishing, and repairing it for re-insertion into the supply chain; Genesis-ATC brings unique value to Forward Logistics, Reverse Logistics, and Field Services. Our team will work with you to ensure we understand all of your needs to not only meet, but surpass, your goals.

Additionally, we strategically assist all parties across this ever changing and highly dynamic communications value chain through services such as:

  • Kitting and Packaging

  • Procurement

  • Direct-to-Consumer Fulfillment

  • In-field Installation