Reverse Logistics

Genesis-ATC provides refurbishment services delivering an end-to-end process for returning the used CPE to like new condition. All testing is accomplished through test hardware/software and processes that are OEM certified. The automated next-generation test platforms that are developed by our in-house engineering staff enable us to perform parametric tests and handle exceptionally high volumes.

Genesis-ATC offers our customers:

  • Cost reduction and process refinement by Six Sigma staff

  • Innovative multi-unit test stations that deliver parametric test results utilizing a graded or Pass/Fail system

  • Pro-active supply chain that provides environmentally sensitive packaging solutions and waste disposal

  • Implementation of product recall corrective actions by facilities

  • Precise inventory tracking by unrivaled WMS

  • Intricate relationships with OEMs, as well as other RL Providers, for communication products

Located in the Memphis, TN our facility is strategically located next to major railroad hubs, the Fed Ex airport hub, and has access to all trucking routes. By having close proximity to the core of US freight services, swift, efficient shipments are made available to all destinations. Additionally, access to a large, skilled labor pool permits operation expansion in order to meet industry needs.