Forward Logistics/VAR

Genesis-ATC takes great pride in enhancing the relationship between OEM and the end customer. With a combined 50+ years of Forward Logistics experience we are able to target and improve key fundamentals which provide growth and stability in a volatile environment. We strive to provide end customers with quicker responses for requests to expedite equipment; improved product forecasting; increased compliance of SLA contract requirements; and an experienced mobile task force capable of addressing product change notices across the United States.

Additionally, our aim is to provide end customers with exceptional service through tasks such as:

  • Testing and loading of updated software

  • Kitting of bulk material parts

  • Replacement of labels on pallets, cartons, and piece parts

  • Reconfiguration of pallets to meet IRG requirements

Our kitting and packaging systems are driven by quality and accuracy. In addition to kitting bulk materials, Genesis-ATC offers full service packaging design support for clients where we strive to identify all areas of risk for damage during shipment. Our inventory management program allows for a determination of days on hand for completed kits, which provides additional flexibility for changes in volume and increased efficiency for buyers.