About Us

By being at the center of the product distribution domain, Genesis-ATC is an essential Original Equipment Manufacturer-to-consumer link providing critical Forward Logistics, post-manufacturing support, Reverse Logistics, Field Installation and Engineering services, and equipment sales. Our post-manufacturing support and field services range from goal-based application of Product Change Notices to inventory management to product repairs to remedies of broad product specification issues- all ensuring product integrity and a seamless supply chain.

Genesis-ATC can manage the various events in the life of equipment by deploying new equipment to meet fully equipped technicians ready for installation, and if needed, uninstall older or defective equipment and return it to a facility for testing and repairs; which is then followed by reintroducing these refurbished units in the supply chain.

Headquartered in San Antonio, TX, Genesis-ATC is a nationwide business that employs over 500 professionals.